The Benefits of Using Website Builders for Small Businesses !

The Benefits of Using Website Builders for Small Businesses !

Every small or medium sized business (SMBs) must realize the need for a good online presence. Talking about a good online presence, a well-designed website comes as the foundational step in this direction. Moreover, the same website can come as a powerful tool to showcase your services and products to your potential customers. According to a recent study, 57% of internet users say they won\’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. That said, many SMB owners may feel unconvinced by the viewpoint of building an online website, quoting it as a costly and complex affair. Luckily, the modern-day website builders have been able to address these concerns while bringing a host of benefits to the SMBs

1. Affordable Plans

Most of the website builders like WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace now offer affordable plans to SMBs. Besides, you can make use of their free plans upon registration. On the other hand, traditional website development usually comes with a cost and expenses related to the services of a professional web designer and developer. Also, you will have to keep up with the hefty maintenance costs of updating the website. In comparison, website builders offer cost-effective plans that allow SMBs to design and maintain their websites without burning a hole in their pocket. For example, WordPress is a website builder that facilitates free plans for users that are running tight on budget. Also, WordPress offers numerous tutorials for beginners which can help you create your own website without much fuss.

Real world Example :

Let’s take a real life example of Jane, the owner of a small bakery shop in Texas. Jane was looking to build an online website to showcase her products and accept online orders. So, rather than hiring a web designer, she used the services of an existing website builder like WordPress. Also, even while being on a tight budget, Jane was able to create a highly engaging and visually appealing website that attracted more clients and eventually increased her sales.

2. Simplicity and Ease of use

Most of the website builders like Wix and Squarespace design websites while keeping the ease of use aspect in mind. Moreover, these websites even go well with people with little or no technical expertise. Your business can make use of the interactive drag-and-drop interfacing, pre-designed templates, and other customizable components to create a website within a matter of a few hours.

Real world Example :

Mike from Minnesota runs a small fitness studio. Besides, he needed to upgrade his site regularly with course plans and fitness tips. While employing a site builder like WordPress, Mike found it simple to include highly engaging content and highly quality images without any prior knowledge of coding.

3. Valuing your time

Time is a valuable asset for SMB owners, and site builders can really help you save a big chunk of it. With ready-made templates and user-friendly techniques, SMBs can get their websites up and running rapidly, allowing them with enough time to focus on their business as usual.

Real world Example :

Sarah , from Michigan, owns a boutique and decided to expand her business by creating an online store. Utilizing Shopify, a prevalent e-commerce website builder, Sarah was able to set up her online shop within a week. That said, this fast execution allowed her to start selling her products and services to more customers, eventually increasing her revenue.

4. Availability of more customized options

Website builders offer a wide range of customization choices, permitting SMBs to make web sites that reflect their brand identity and meet their particular needs. From choosing the best theme to custom features (like scheduling, email marketing), website builders give the adaptability required to create a website that suits best to your business’s unique requirements.

Real world Example :

Let’s understand it better while taking the example of Carlos who operates an organic farm in Ohio. For the start, Carlos thought of building a website that supports his business. Using the services of WordPress, Carlos customized his site by including a blog segment where he shares stories about his eco-friendly activities. His efforts reaped rewards and further increased his outreach to potential customers who are environmentally conscious.


5. Mobile Responsiveness

As of 2023, there\’s almost 7 billion mobile phone users around the world. With the increasing usage of mobile phones across every part of the planet, you cannot write off the significance of a mobile friendly website. Also, almost 60% of the overall online traffic comes from mobile users worldwide. This is where many website builders like Wix offer mobile-friendly templates and repeatedly optimize websites for different screen sizes. This way, they guarantee a consistent user-friendly experience across every device.

Real world Example :

To understand it better, let\’s talk about Maria, the owner of a small hair salon in Miami. She noticed that most of her clients use their smartphones for book appointments for various services. Hence, by employing a website builder that prioritizes mobile responsiveness, she made it simple for clients on the go(ex: driving to work, picking up kids from soccer game) to book appointments for her hair salon. Besides, she listed all her services on the website, eventually bringing more clients and increased sales.

6. Making the most out of cutting-edge SEO tools

With more people searching for their preferred products and services online, SEO is the best way to reach out to your potential customer base. Moreover, even when you are an SMB, you can make the best use of various SEO tools to connect with your targeted audience. That said, numerous website builders like WordPress come up with built-in SEO tools and plugins that help SMBs rank their website better in search engine rankings. This could altogether increase their visibility and draw in more potential clients.

Real world Example :

Dave runs a small restaurant in Orange County, California and planned to attract more diners from the local area. So, by simply using the services of a website builder that offered highly effective Local SEO tools, he was able to optimize his site. Talking about Local SEO, it’s a SEO technique that lets you reach out to more people from a certain region or locality, ex: Italian restaurants in Orange County. Hence, by making the best use of these SEO tools in the website builder, Dave attracted more customers to his restaurant.

7. Adaptability

As SMBs grow, their website should grow with them. Most website builders like GoDaddy offer scalability, permitting businesses to include latest features, pages, and functionalities as per their need. Moreover, this adaptability ensures that the development of the website goes hand in hand with the related business.

Real world Example :

Let’s understand it better with the example of Emily, a resident of South Carolina who started her online jewelry stores as a side trade. As her client base grew, she needed to extend her product range. Besides, she also thought of enhancing the overall customer experience. With the help of a versatile website builder like BigCommerce, Emily effectively included the latest item categories and integrated a customer review system. Within no time, her business flourished, bringing her dreams to reality.


Summing it up

In conclusion, website builders have revolutionized the way SMBs establish their online presence in today\’s digital landscape. Whether you own a bakery, run a fitness studio, operate a boutique store, run a home service business or manage an online jewelry shop, these website builders can unlock your business\’s full online potential. From affordability and ease of use to customization, mobile responsiveness, SEO tools, and adaptability, website builders offer a range of benefits that can help SMBs thrive in the digital age. Don\’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your online presence and reach a wider audience – consider using a website builder to take your business to the next level.

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