Website Builder Accessibility: Ensuring Inclusivity for SMBs

Website Builder Accessibility: Ensuring Inclusivity for SMBs

Given the cut-throat competition in almost every domain, you must work on aspects that keep you ahead of your competitors. Also, with almost every business going online these days, the significance of a solid online presence can\’t be undermined. For Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), such as plumbing, handyman services, contractors, and lawn care services, creating a strong online presence is crucial to draw in more customers.

You can seek website builder services to create a website that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. This strategy is crucial in today\’s digital world, where websites are the gateway to any business. However, before getting any further with this discussion, let\’s understand the significance of accessibility in website design.

What do we understand by Accessibility in Website Design?

There are many definitions of what an accessible website is. It means to create web pages that anyone or everyone can use, irrespective of any physical or cognitive disabilities they may have. While many may quote this as a moral responsibility, it also widens the customer base of a particular organization.

The strategy does include people with varying abilities, and this aspect makes it more inclusive. This discussion requires a list of viewpoints, and hence, it must be considered by the small and medium businesses around. That said, there are specific challenges for SMBs while offering this web accessibility.

Challenges for SMBs in Web Accessibility

There are many challenges for SMBs while ensuring proper web accessibility to their users. SMBs regularly confront issues related to finance, resources and the technical expertise they may need to build a website from the start. In all such cases, one can connect with the right website builders to create an inclusive website for its users. These website builders will offer various tools, techniques and templates to create a custom website covering every accessibility element.

What accessibility features are offered by Website builders?

Text Alternatives: Text alternative features are perfect for visually impaired users and could be defined as a description of non-text content like videos or images.

Keyboard navigation: For users with mobility issues, a website with accessibility to keyboard navigation is of great help.

Colour and contrast options: if a user has colour vision issues, they can use the feature facilitating high contrast between text and background. 

Readable font styles: This would include more extensive, more precise, readable fonts that would help people with visual impairments.

Form accessibility: The accessible forms should be designed and created with clear instructions and labels. This would help lots of users with random disabilities while accessing the website.

Adherence to WCAG: Website builders must ensure that the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are adhered to while meeting the global standards in the same regard.

How do we ensure the best accessibility practices for SMBs?

Choose the right website builder: Pick the best-fit website builder highly recognized for providing accessibility features.

Regular Testing: You must also ensure regular testing with different devices. While doing that, you must remember that assistive technology is critical to seeking accessibility.

Information and awareness: Stay up to date with information about the latest accessibility guidelines and standards.

Customer Input: Request input from users with various disabilities to share feedback on the provided accessibility features.

keep it simple and straightforward: Don\’t forget to use clear and straightforward language to help users get a better understanding of the features.

Mobile friendly: Make sure the website is mobile friendly and doesn\’t lag during the web session.

Real-Time examples of SMB Websites Grasping accessibility

Plumbing services: Let’s take an example of a plumbing service.  A local plumbing service connects with a website builder to incorporate text alternatives for random images showcasing their work. Moreover, they want the screen readers to make these images easily understood by visually impaired users quickly. They also want the contact forms to be available, with clear names and labels for each field.

Handyman services:  A handyman business may use the services of a website builder to create a website with easy, essential navigation. Their DIY tutorials and service details are composed in straightforward language and followed by high-contrast pictures. This would help the users with visual and cognitive impairments. 

Contractors: A contracting firm employs an accessible website template highlighting huge, neat fonts with high color contrasts, which is significant for clients with visual disabilities. They also incorporate recordings with detailed captions for their project reports. This way, they are helping the hearing-impaired users to understand their content.

Lawn care and landscaping services: A landscaping business opts for a website builder that permits them to make an image-rich website, with each image coming with text descriptions. They guarantee that the site\’s navigation is straightforward, helping clients with cognitive disabilities to discover data about their products and services effortlessly.

Future of Accessible Website Builders for SMBs

The future of accessible website builders for SMBs looks bright and promising. We can thank the technical innovations like AI and machine learning, which are anticipated to disentangle the method of making accessible websites. These advancements will likely lead to more accessible website builders that can consequently check for and employ accessibility standards.

Summing it up!

Website design accessibility for every user is no longer a luxury for the SMBs. These businesses, including plumbers, handyman services, contractors, lawn care and landscaping, must prioritize making their websites accessible to all users. These businesses can make comprehensive digital platforms by choosing the right website builder and following best practices.

This strategy will extend the market reach for the SMBs. Besides, it will illustrate their commitment to serving a broader user base. Moreover, guaranteeing site accessibility may be a step towards building a more inclusive society and cultivating a business ecosystem that values each person.

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