Website Templates for SMBs: Customization and Design Tips

Website Templates for SMBs: Customization and Design Tips

If you own a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you cannot deny the importance of having a strong online presence. As per a survey conducted by PR News Daily, 76 % of customers search for a company’s online presence before paying a visit to their physical location. So, if you are not online, you are certainly losing out on a lot of potential customers for your SMB.

As you look for an impactful online presence, a visually appealing and user-friendly website would be of big help. Website templates have a big role to play in making your website interactive and user-friendly. Also, these website templates offer a viable solution for SMBs, such as handymen, plumbers, contractors, and lawn service providers, who often lack the time and expertise to create a website from scratch. On the other hand, customized and interactive design can easily transform a standard website template into a one-of-a-kind and compelling business tool. Here’s how your SMB business can maximize the potential of website templates for its overall growth.

Understanding Website Templates

In layman’s language, we can define website templates as a blueprint of a website that offers the basic structure and design. For SMBs, templates are a beginning point to create a website that perfectly reflects their brand value along with their specific products and services. You then need to add some details and features to turn this template into a full-fledged website.

You can drag and drop key elements like logos, photo galleries, and image blocks to customize the template as per your specific needs. Now, if you are an SMB like a Plumber, Handyman, Contractor, or even landscape and lawn service provider, you can refer to the below tips to create a customized website for your respective needs.

Customization Tips for Specific SMBs

Plumber: A Plumber can use a service-oriented template with a clean and seamless design to ensure quick and easy appointment booking options for its customers. You might also customize it with a feature to plan emergency services and integrated live chat to address urgent requests quickly and win the business before they go to your competitor. 

Handyman services: Handyman can go for a template that allows the showcasing of a broader portfolio, along with the before-and-after images of their projects. By utilizing customization options to highlight reviews and testimonials from previous clients, they can further establish trust among potential customers.

Contractors: Contractors require impactful templates that can manage detailed service pages for a list of services and projects. You can customize it further by adding a project gallery, reviews and ratings, and a quote request form. It also helps share that are a licensed contractor in the state you operate in as it helps build trust. Note: not all 50 US states require a contractor license. 

Landscape and Lawn services: if you are a landscaping and lawn service business, your visual appeal holds the utmost importance. Hence, you must select templates that include larger image galleries to showcase your work in garden design, maintenance, and landscaping. Also, customizing this template with seasonal discount offer slots and random lawn care tips can keep the content updated and engaging.

Real-life examples of customized websites!

Let’s see how a few real-life SMBs have successfully used website templates from recognized website builders.

Pipeline Plumbing:  \”Pipeline Plumbing\” utilized a template from Wix meant specifically for home service businesses. They added a feature to upload pictures of the project and included a real-time appointment booking facility. With these customizations, they saw a 50% jump in online booking of their services within seven months.

HandyMan Martin: HandyMan Martin used a standard template from WordPress but customized it with before-and-after sliders exhibiting their specialized skills. They also integrated client testimonials and reviews directly from Yelp on their homepage, bringing more credibility to their service.

Jamie Constructions: This Company chose a template from GoDaddy with a core focus on project portfolios. They further customized it to incorporate video tours of their completed projects, client testimonials videos, and an interactive map outlining their previous project locations. This led to a 30% increase in their client consultations within 3 months.

Green Planet Lawn Care: By picking a template from BigCommerce with a nature-inspired color scheme and format, Green Planet Lawn Care can now showcase its lawn care and landscaping services effectively. They customized the template further by including a blog section with lawn care tips, which helped them with their digital marketing aspirations. The company saw a 40 percent jump in website traffic within 5 months.

Key tips to create an interactive website with the right Website template!

Mobile Optimization: Make sure that the template is mobile-friendly as most clients or customers search for local services on their smartphones.

Keep it Interactive: Keep the website template simple with easier and clear navigation, so potential clients can easily find the information they are looking for.

Clarity on Call-to-Action (CTA): Incorporate clear CTAs like \”Get a Free Quote,\” \”Book now,\” or \”Contact Us\” on each page.

Bring SEO into play: Customize page titles, descriptions, and content with local SEO to make your website rank better in local searches as compared to your competitors. 

Include reviews and testimonials: Create separate sections for client testimonials and customer reviews and link to review websites like Google My Business or Trustpilot.

 Add your personal touch: Use photos of your projects to add that much-needed personal touch to your website.  For example, if you are a plumber, you can add large images of your completed projects to bring credibility to your services.

Summing it up!

For SMBs, website templates offer an open and cost-effective way of creating a perfect and effective online presence. Also, customizing a template to fit the particular needs and brand image of businesses like handyman, plumbers, contractors, and lawn services can transform a basic template into an efficient business website. By bringing these customization tips into use, and drawing motivation from real-life examples, SMBs can viably exhibit their expertise, draw in more customers, and grow their businesses online.

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