Case Study - Dr Shaun Hudson (Chiropractor)​

Growing Chiropractic Practice by converting after hours missed calls into new patients.

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Calls Answered
New Clients In 4 Weeks
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Practice: Bone and Joint Wellness  

Owner: Dr. Shaun Hudson  

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona  

Industry: Healthcare, Chiropractic Care

Challenges Faced

Before implementing Resonate AI, Bone and Joint Wellness faced a significant challenge: missing potential new patients who attempted to make appointments after hours or over the weekends. This gap in service not only led to lost revenue opportunities but also impacted the practice’s ability to grow and serve more patients.

“We were missing new patients who wished to make an appointment after hours or over the weekends” says Dr. Shaun Hudson.

Motivation to Try the Product

The decision to try Resonate AI was driven by a recommendation from a trusted patient. This referral, coming from a source whose opinion was highly valued, encouraged Dr. Hudson to explore the potential benefits of the product.

“We were referred by a patient whose opinion I value highly” Dr. Hudson notes.

Solution Provided by Resonate AI

Resonate AI addressed the practice’s needs on multiple levels. One of the standout features was the immediate notification via text and email of missed calls, ensuring that no potential new patient went unnoticed. The product also effectively categorized new patients, active patients, and courtesy calls, streamlining the communication process and enhancing operational efficiency.

“On many levels, yes. Primarily, we are notified via text and email within minutes of a missed call. The program categorizes new patients from active patients and courtesy calls” explains Dr. Hudson.

Valuable Features

The most valuable aspects of Resonate AI were its promptness in notifications and the ability to customize its features to fit the practice’s specific needs. These features allowed the front staff to manage their time more efficiently and ensured that after-hours calls were handled seamlessly.

“The promptness of notification and the customization of its features” were highlighted as key benefits by Dr. Hudson.

Measurable Results

Since implementing Resonate AI, Bone and Joint Wellness has seen tangible results, particularly in capturing new patients outside of regular business hours. This increase in new patient appointments directly translates to new revenue streams for the practice.

“Definitely capturing new patients” affirms Dr. Hudson.

Overall Satisfaction and Impact

The overall satisfaction with Resonate AI is remarkably high. The product has not only helped in capturing new patients but also contributed significantly to the overall growth and success of the practice. The support provided by the Resonate AI team, particularly by Manjot, has been exemplary.

“Every new patient is an opportunity to grow and build our practice. I am very satisfied with the product and equally satisfied with the service provided by the staff. Manjot is the best. He is helpful and attentive” shares Dr. Hudson.


Resonate AI has proven to be an invaluable tool for Bone and Joint Wellness, addressing critical challenges and driving growth by capturing new patients outside of business hours. The product’s features and the support from the team have enabled the practice to operate more efficiently and continue its mission of providing exceptional chiropractic care.