Case Study - Seattle Green Earth Cleaning

Transforming Missed Calls into Booked jobs for a Seattle Based Cleaning Company

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The Challenge

Before implementing Resonate, our small business faced a significant challenge: missed calls during and after business hours. This issue not only led to lost potential clients but also hampered our overall efficiency and growth. “We are a very small business, and missing calls meant missing out on potential clients who might turn to another service,” the Business owner shared.

The Motivation to Try Resonate

Hearing about Resonate’s potential to solve these issues was a major motivator. The promise of increased client bookings and efficient handling of calls piqued our interest. “It sounded like it could solve the issue and increase client bookings,” the owner explained.

How Resonate Addressed Our Needs

From the very first week of using Resonate, the impact was clear and substantial. “We got 14 leads in the first week! We booked each of them!!! We otherwise would have lost these clients as they would have called another cleaning service.” This immediate success highlighted how crucial Resonate was in capturing leads that previously slipped through the cracks.

Key Features and Their Impact

Several features of Resonate stood out in transforming our business operations:

  • Customizable and Intelligent AI: Resonate’s ability to learn and mimic our company’s “voice” ensured that clients felt a personal touch. “Resonate is customizable and intelligent. It can learn your company’s ‘voice’.”
  • Information Gathering: The AI’s capability to gather important client information before we made contact reduced the back-and-forth typically needed to finalize bookings like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. “We find it extremely useful that the AI can gather important information for us before we make contact with the client.
  • 24/7 Availability: The chatbot on our website could answer questions and capture clients who reached out after hours, catering to those with unconventional schedules. “We also appreciate that the chatbot on our website can answer questions and get those clients who work odd hours and reach out after hours.”

Measurable Results

The measurable outcomes of implementing Resonate were nothing short of remarkable. “Clients we would have not secured without Resonate.” The AI’s efficiency allowed us to lower our marketing efforts while still increasing our bookings, showing a direct impact on our revenue and operational efficiency.

  • Efficiency Gains: “We are much more efficient as AI captures valuable information before we make contact, reducing the back and forth with clients.”
  • Reduced Marketing Efforts: “We are able to lower our marketing efforts as we are booking clients we otherwise would not have.”

Overall Satisfaction and Recommendation

Our satisfaction with Resonate has been overwhelmingly positive. The initial skepticism quickly turned into enthusiasm as we witnessed the tangible benefits. “We were very skeptical and blown away by the results!! It has been so great working with the Resonate team. They are responsive and so knowledgeable.”

The support and expertise provided by the Resonate team ensured that we felt confident and well-assisted throughout the implementation process. “We feel we are in great hands and highly recommend this service to any business, large or small!”


Resonate has not only solved our problem of missed calls but also significantly boosted our client bookings and operational efficiency. For any business, especially small ones like ours, Resonate proves to be an invaluable tool in transforming potential losses into profitable opportunities.